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Wholesale Compressed Wheat Straw Bales

Wheat straw is a valuable resource with countless uses, from mulching to animal bedding to fuel and insulation. For those looking to purchase compressed wheat straw bales for sale in bulk, offers high-quality, affordable options at wholesale prices.

With fast shipping and reliable customer service, purchasing bulk wheat straw bales from is an easy and cost-effective way to get the job done quickly. Request a quote and buy now to start taking advantage of these great deals today!

What is wheat straw?

Wheat straw is a versatile and sustainable material with many uses. It is the stalk or stem of the wheat plant that remains after the grain has been harvested, and it has a coarse texture as well as a golden-brown color. Wheat straw also has a low nutrient content, making it an ideal substrate for composting or mulching. It can also be used as animal bedding, fuel, and insulation – all cost-effectively when compressed into bales.

At, we provide bulk compressed wheat straw bales at wholesale prices so you can purchase whatever amount you need for your project. Our bulk wheat straw bales are perfect for construction projects like roofing material, insulation, and packing material; they are also ideal for landscaping use such as erosion control or mulch in flower beds.

And because our bales are made from high quality wheat straw, you can be sure they will last longer than other materials on the market. Furthermore, we offer fast shipping to get your order delivered quickly to wherever you need it.

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Types of bulk wheat straw bales available

At, we offer three sizes of bulk wheat straw bales for sale, so no matter what your project, you can find the perfect size for your needs. Small bales are ideal for smaller projects such as landscaping or gardening, while medium and large bales are best for larger projects such as animal bedding or mulching and commercial or industrial applications. With our wide selection of sizes, you can be sure to find the right bulk wheat straw bales for your project.

  • Small bales measure 24 inches by 16 inches by 10 inches and weigh about 25 kg to 50 kg. They are perfect for small gardens and landscaping projects that don’t require a lot of material. Also, small bales can easily be transported in a vehicle without having to hire special transportation services due to their lightweight nature.
  • Medium wheat straw bales measure 28 inches by 18 inches by 12 inches and weigh up to 100 kg to 250 kg each. These are great for larger home projects such as mulching or animal bedding because they provide more coverage than the small bales but remain lightweight enough to move around with ease.
  • Finally, large wheat straw bales come in at 36 inches by 20 inches by 14 inches and weigh up to 500 kg each. These are better suited towards commercial or industrial applications where more coverage is needed than what the other two sizes provide. They may require specialized transportation due to their heavier weight but are still easy enough to move around when necessary Thanks to their manageable size dimensions.

No matter which size you choose from, you’ll get high quality compressed wheat straw made from 100% natural materials that will last longer than traditional hay products with less waste generation due to its excellent moisture retention properties and low dust content making it ideal for any home or commercial project!

Benefits of purchasing wholesale wheat straw bales

Compressed Wheat Straw Bales for sale in Bulk at wholesale pricesWheat straw bales are highly beneficial for a variety of applications. Their lightweight and low thermal conductivity make them ideal for insulation – keeping homes, businesses, and industrial facilities warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Additionally, they can be used as an organic mulch to help conserve soil moisture and minimize weed growth in gardens. Wheat straw is also a great source of nutrients for animals, making it a valuable addition to any farm or ranch.


For those looking to buy wheat straw bales in bulk at wholesale prices, offers the highest quality product with fast delivery times. Not only does buying from provide customers with competitively priced products, but it also supports sustainable farming practices by reducing erosion and flooding risks in areas prone to heavy rains. we also offer products like Bermuda Grass, Clover, Oat Hay, Rhodes Grass Hay, Wheat Straw, Teff hay, Alfalfa (Lucerne) hay, Timothy Grass, Rice Straw, Ryegrass (Meadow Hay)  etc.; Request quote bow!

By using wheat straw as an alternative to plastic packaging, companies are helping reduce their environmental footprint while providing excellent protection for their goods during shipment or storage. When purchasing bulk wheat straw bales from customers get assurance of quality and customer satisfaction guaranteed – giving them peace of mind when making their purchase decisions.

Overall, the benefits of using wheat straw bales are numerous – from insulation and mulching properties to animal nutrition support – making them an economical choice for any business or home owner looking to save money on energy costs or reduce their environmental impact through sustainable farming practices

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How to ask for a quote and buy bulk wheat straw bales from

Asking for a quote and buying bulk wheat straw bales from is a simple process. Customers can ask for a free quote by filling out an online form with their contact information, size of order, delivery address, and any other pertinent information. offers competitive prices and discounts for bulk orders, so it pays to shop around for the best deal. Once a customer has filled out the form, they will receive an email with their personalized quote within 48 hours.

The payment process is also straightforward; customers can pay via credit card or PayPal, or they can opt for a bank transfer if that works better for them. For those opting to pay via credit card or PayPal, guarantees secure transactions at all times. It’s important to note that purchases are not complete until payment is received in full; however, customers will receive an order confirmation once payment has been made.

When purchasing from, customers can rest assured that all products come with a 30-day money back guarantee should there be any issues with quality upon delivery of the goods purchased. The company also offers discounted shipping rates on bulk orders and special offers throughout the year – so it pays to keep checking back! Additionally, values feedback from its customers and regularly features customer testimonials on its website detailing why they decided to purchase their wheat straw bales from this trusted supplier – inspiring others to make the same decision!